Hi friend, Miranda here ♡ somehow, Summer has arrived! The new season seems like the perfect excuse for a check-in. If I had to pick one word for this moment, it would be RETURNING.  Returning to gathering, to life as we knew it, to each other. I have been meeting people in person again (and likely have been in more coffee shops the last month then I have the last year & a half). 

It has meant running into friends, the return of spontaneity. A kiss of life from the deepest source, but also…a wee bit petrifying for an out of tune, extroverted-introvert. 

In Austin, I have been hanging around our storefront more (we are currently open Tues-Sat 11-5). It's been a welcome change of pace, and I am learning to embrace ‘the awkward’. Re-flexing the long dormant muscle of small talk has been humbling and human and fun.  

Here are few things that I have been enjoying lately, in no particular order:


1)  Elevating Chores with The Laundry Guy

My current television obsession is the Laundry Guy. It is a show I watch with a notepad at hand because it is so chock full of the kind of ancestral knowledge that I think we all yearn for. It also shines a light on the incredible, emotional lineage held in garments and textiles.

P.S. Click here to download the MBS Garment Care Guide


2. Listening to I Saw What You Did

As a kid that moved around a lot, movies were a source of constancy and sanctuary. This podcast is a dream for me: two intelligent, hilarious women talking about an array of films from all genres and generations. Every episode follows a theme (things like: f*ck boys & secrets). Henderson and De Chirico offer a film a piece for discussion, then provide equal parts memory, inquiry & research. Give it a listen and let me know what you think :)


3. Celebrating Love with the Return of IRL Weddings

In-person weddings are back. Always my favorite excuse under the sun to gather, this is another vibe I am feeling so out of practice with. I whipped up this guide, in the theme of infinite wears--per-look, that I hope inspires you (& makes re-entry a bit more gentle).


4. Growing Up with Plants

My husband and I bought our first house this Spring, & it's my first time living in a home that I own. We are a bit overwhelmed with projects, so naturally I am focusing on our plant situation while I get my bearings. At least the house will have curb appeal, right? Click here to check out my Pinterest board, Yard.


Beautiful wishes to you this June. 


Until soon,




June 10, 2021 — Miranda Bennett

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