Hi friends! A little update from me as we enter the holiday season.
We are moving to a new home the week after next — our natural dye practice, cutting, sewing and administrative work are all headed to South Austin to a space that better suits our needs. A year ago, when our lease was originally up at our current space, this move felt unimaginable with the covid climate and the devastation our business and the world were enduring. Staying put was a tough pill to swallow, but only one of many tough calls in the spirit of survival. 
The truth is, things are still really hard for small businesses as we continue to navigate the current landscape. Signs of the before times, though well received, are met by businesses and teams weathered and weary, just as so many of us are in this moment. Each victory feels tempered with the losses of the last year and a half. The framework of social media demands a posture of success, even when things are incredibly difficult. While we remain rooted in the quiet resolve of putting one foot in front of the other and taking things one day at a time, quiet moments communing with the work have been my true north — they have helped me to remember the why.

I have a humble plea for you — if you can, please support small businesses this holiday season. We aren’t out of the woods just yet. Shopping with independent businesses feeds our local communities, it keeps the lights twinkling, it allows us to thrive, along with the beautiful tapestry of ecosystems each small business creates — from employees to customers to vendors, to entire city blocks. We are out here for you & with you, and I am so eternally grateful for each and every person who continues to support us and brands like us. You are the reason and you are the way.

I am sending so much love to all of you as we enter the busy of this season. Our store is open in Austin & our in-store team are the most kind, knowledgeable and welcoming humans. I am so proud of how they represent our brand to all of you on the daily — whether in person, on the phone or online. I hope we’ll have the opportunity to connect.


November 23, 2021 — Miranda Bennett

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