As a designer, designing for women, creating apparel that allows for our bodies to evolve and change over the course of our lifetime is essential. I haven’t personally been pregnant, but my stress lives in my belly — cortisol, bloat and bulge. Many of the designs I create are forgiving in this area as a result, and lend themselves well to people experiencing pregnancy and postpartum transitions. What I have heard again and again from our community who are on the other side of expecting is they relished the opportunity to invest in clothing that felt like them while still accommodating the array of changes their body was going through. It still blows my mind that bodies can do this, and it’s an honor to provide clothing that affirms identity while providing comfort and versatility in the process. | Revisiting the first installment of the MBS Mother Series from 2017 in anticipation of Mother’s Day. 

Excerpts from our original interview with Ann Edgerton, then pregnant with her first child, daughter Sage. Words and Photographs by Artist Hallie Brewer. Ann wears the Miranda Bennett Studio Knot Dress in White Linen.


Has becoming a mother influenced your attitude about sustainability in fashion? 

I have always believed that less is more and we should do our best to shop with a conscience. I would say this belief is amplified now that I have a daughter. Having a child has made me much more aware of the importance of taking care of our environment. Preserving our earth really does come down to personal choices about where we shop, what we eat and how we live. I want to do everything in my power to make sure Sage has the opportunity to swim in clean oceans and rivers and breathe fresh air.


Ann, an expecting mother, wears the Miranda Bennett Studio White Linen Knot Dress with a leather belt thread through the dress's unique belt hole feature and tied above her baby bump. Ann sits on a bed in her home, covered in a white bedspread with an abstract print of a flower hanging on the wall.


What excited you most about motherhood?

I looked forward to that indescribable love everyone talked about.  And it's true, it is like nothing else I have ever experienced. 

Ann sits on her bed with baby sage, tickling her feet and gazing into her eyes. She wears the same Miranda Bennett Studio Know Dress in White Linen with the leather belt tied at her waist, this time with no baby bump


How has your view of style and clothing changed since having a child? 

While Sage is young I am realizing that I have got to wear things that allow for a lot of movement and can get chewed up, pulled on and spit up on and still look pretty good. No more silk for me!


Ann ties the belt on her Miranda Bennett Studio Knot Dress. The easy dress shape is forgiving on her postpartum figure.

How do you navigate the temptations of fast fashion?

I am not a big shopper so I have never been overly tempted by fast fashion. Especially now that my clothes take such a beating I know those materials wont last so it's best to just avoid it. It helps that I am surrounded by super cool women in Austin making really beautiful things. I also love buying vintage. It helps to add some more affordable options to the wardrobe.




May 08, 2020 — Miranda Bennett

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