Hi Guys, I wanted to share that we are still here and accepting orders, online-only, with free delivery & free returns (+ a few extra offers to encourage delight and comfort during a time of so many unknowns).

You may have noticed we’ve been a bit quiet. I have personally found it incredibly difficult to find words at a time when so many are in crisis. People are dying. So many are out of work. Lives are upside down. Things are not normal. 

The experience for me personally as a small business owner (so far) has been a daily ride of many altitudes that began, quietly, within the still eye of shock. 

I know you are hearing from so many of us who find ourselves now in the terrifying precarity of this period. It is hard to know where to direct your attention, particularly when so many are so suddenly and unequivocally affected by all of this: facing acute financial hardship that no one could have braced for. 

We are a strange lineup as a nation right now: some navigating a new normal of working from home (with children, significant others, pets, and some with no one at all). I am particularly thinking about the latter, friends who are unsure of how long it will be before a hug may warm their hearts. This isn’t meant to be dramatic, loneliness is real and our spirits need for the nourishing of contact as much as our bellies need for food. 

There are brave healthcare workers, employed and thousands more coming out of retirement, risking their health in the service of others. Grocery store cashiers and stockers working tirelessly to make sure we can feed ourselves. Delivery people coming into contact with so many in the pursuit of keeping us all with the essentials (and let’s be honest, the non-essentials, too). Teachers pivoting to create virtual lesson plans. There are also those still deep in the comfort of denial, gathering in public with little regard to public safety, considering participation in this pandemic as optional.

I have struggled with a sense that it feels wrong to take up space as a brand in light of all of this.

All I can share as of now is that MBS is still here. Orders are shipping. Spring apparel, long since plant-dyed in-house, cut and sewn ethically in the US, is being added to the shop. It has to be. 

Things are moving slower than normal. Self-isolation demands a re-evaluation of pace. And so much bad news has meant reimagining the rhythm of the day to allow for pockets of restoration. 

This is the time to support small businesses, in any and all avenues that you can. For so many in our shoes, the only thing keeping us going is the prospect of surviving this so we can keep our teams and our dreams intact on the other side. The only known is that we will only get through this together. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home.

March 24, 2020 — Miranda Bennett

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