Miranda Bennett Studio x Austin Design Week Presents Homespun: Appreciating the Domestic Sphere in Manufacturing & Design


On November 6th 2019 we held a panel discussion moderated by Miranda Bennett at our East Austin flagship for Austin Design Week.

The 2019 theme, ADW's theme is Making Space. Our conversation considered the domestic space in production and design. Whether in regards to local makers creating goods as a side hustle, independent designers running full-time operations from home, artisan communities with home-based workshops, and more, the home is a point of origination for a diverse array of products, brands, and cultural legacies.

We discussed notions of legitimacy, the challenges of taking homemade goods to market, the marginalization of makers based in the domestic sphere - particularly in developing economies. We directed attention to existing home-based lines, production practices, and legacies, as well as the limitless potential for future generations.

We were joined by Benita Singh and local Designer Suzanne Cox.

Benita Singh is Nest's Cheif Programs Officer. She brings over 15 years of experience working with artisans and SMEs around the world. In 2003, she served as a co-founder of Mercado Global which promotes the handicraft of women weavers in Guatemala. She went on to lead the artisans' program at the American India Foundation, working with craft organizations across the country to build sustainable sourcing relationships with a range of US fashion & interiors brands. Building upon her love of textiles, she served as the Founder & CEO of Le Souk, the first online platform to connect textile mills & leather tanneries in 17 countries directly to a global community of designers and sourcing specialists. Throughout her career, Benita has been named an Echoing Green Fellow, the North American Laureate by the Cartier Women’s Initiative, a Levi Strauss & Co Collaboratory Fellow and most recently as one of the top 10 individuals transforming retail according to LinkedIn.

November 06, 2019 — Miranda Bennett

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