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As we gain our footing in this new month, the second of this new year, I wanted to share a few updates on some big moves we have on the horizon at Miranda Bennett Studio.You may have seen our Cochineal Release go-live last week. This marks the first endeavor in our new approach to color cadence. Going forward, we will release new plant dye formulas in small batches of limited quantity, and only in specific fabrics and styles (rather than across the entire collection as we have in the past). With that in mind, I encourage you to explore these offerings as they arrive without hesitation (and our newsletter audience is always the first to receive word when they are released) as each will be the only of their kind. Creating in this way allows us to receive the best of the medium, and to deliver you, our community, with truly special collections that are inherently one-off — imbued with the spontaneity and rare splendor of each dye bath.

This move is the product of our departure from wholesale and the seasonal grind therein. From the start of our collection, we always aimed to create small batch, perennial apparel, but the demands of participating in the Fashion Industry’s market calendar forced our slow, intentional way of working into a breakneck pace that was externally defined. One of the most incredible silver linings of COVID is the opportunity to revaluate this crushing dynamic and, ultimately, to reclaim a rhythm that fits more truly and authentically with our principles as a company.

Reading between the lines, that also means that going forward, with the exception of a very small handful of select partners, the MBS collection will exclusively be available through our site and our Austin storefront. You can expect more limited releases in the way of colors, styles and fabrics far more frequently throughout the year as we enjoy this newfound freedom from the rigidity of seasonally driven deliveries. 

Among these capsule releases, our first new style of 2021, the Ellis Top, just went live. Next up, we have a really invigorating capsule created with Silk Organza, a fabric we first introduced with the collection-that-never-was, Fall 20. Reviving this fabric within the context of our new production model has been a personal delight for me, as I have been waiting for it to come to life in the MBS offering for almost two years. 

I don’t know how many people actually read these posts in our little journal, but if you do, I would love to hear from you. Please leave a note in the comments box below if you feel compelled and thank you, thank you, thank you for reading all of this! I adore you, MBS adores you - you are the reason our close-knit team gets to live this dream of creating enduring, plant dyed apparel right here in Austin, TX, USA.

Big XO,


February 04, 2021 — Miranda Bennett


Celia said:

Hi dear friends, exciting to see these changes come to fruition. Cheering you on!

Grace Goetz said:

I love this idea and cannot wait to own more MBS pieces. Not only does your company have values I can truly believe in from top to bottom, but I always get compliments when I wear something from your line! (I mean, hey…) That your clothes will now be even more one-of-a-kind is so exciting! Much love 💕

Audra McGee said:


I am a fashion student using your brand as a part of a project! I have been a follower of your brand for a few years now, and as an aspiring brand owner, I fully support your choice to focus more on limited, unique pieces! So excited to see what you create! <3

Christine said:

Can’t wait to see what’s coming in organza!

Chalimar Chieza said:

I am here for this!! Cannot wait for the organza and also just think the world of you! You really are doing things right and I love getting to support not just your beautiful clothes but you as well 🤟🏾

Gina Giordano said:

You’re always an inspiration is every way. I know these decisions and quick pivots are never easy. Much love to you and the MBS team!!
PS- you already know how excited I am for organza 😜

Marilyn Lall said:


I want to send a big virtual hug to you and your team. It was an extremely hard decision I’m sure to close the physical store and keep yourself and your team motivated to keep going. I’ve always been a fan of MBS and especially of your inclusivity. I think the model of being more intentional with your release of products is what truly makes your brand great. So yes, I’ve read your Instagram posts, emails, shared a few DMs with you and will continue to do so as long as you’re writing. And I know I’m not the only one. I can’t wait to see what you and your team produce this year!
Take care and most importantly, stay safe and healthy!
We adore you!
PS. Thanks to you and a very big thanks to Sarah for putting up with my incessant color questions for the last month!

Zanny said:

Thankful for your wisdom. You continue to inspire all of us. I think I speak for many other when I say I will be there to support you throughout the changes us small businesses must make with our new “normal”. Blessing to you always.


Kelly Colchin said:

Love organza!!!

Josy Johnson said:

Good for you! I hope business is keeping up with the forward thinking that your company is known for!

Tammy said:

This is exciting news to me! The more exclusive an item is, the more I love it…so I applaud you for this. I am certain this decision was not made lightly, and I hope you reap great rewards- on many levels.

I only buy Miranda Bennett directly, so I’ll be super happy to just continue doing that.

I wish you well as you venture in this new direction!

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