Slow Sunday in the Studio 🕊 this will be our last (& 6th) year in this space before we move to a newer, truer home (the likes of which I do not yet know). As much as I am ready for that move, sometimes when I’m here, alone, I’m brought back to when I first moved in: signing a lease on a wing and prayer, terrified about taking such a big gamble on myself and this dream.

This last year has brought me back to those feelings so many times & in so many ways. Each time the fear rises, I am reminded of the kernel of light that made me take that leap of faith then:


Hope doesn’t always make sense to everyone else in your life. Hope cannot be seen on a balance sheet. Hope is a prayer, a wish, a bet. Hope proclaims, whether you know it or not, ‘I believe in myself’. Hope is a testimony to the miraculous, the very same miraculous that turns the world to vivid, heart soaring color from the dull ache of black & white.

Approaching one year’s time since “unprecedented” became the new normal, I’m reminded of the big, hard, to-the-bones fear born last March — but also — the quiet, steady will to keep trying. THAT is hope. And I hope she will always be my guide.

What keeps you hopeful in these uncertain times?

March 07, 2021 — Miranda Bennett


Anne Nesheim said:

Dear Miranda and Mukhtara,
Thank you so much, both of you, for giving me a soothing start on a new day. I have never thought about Hope as a Prayer, but yes, I now see that it is perfectly right, hope i s prayer, I sense now that in all my hopes there were prayers, and my hopes for my precent life change, comes with a prayer.
And from your comments, Mukhtara, I will bring Whole-ing as a meaningful word into my day. It is inspiring and beautiful to learn how you find and trust hope.

mukhtara yusuf said:

Whats keeping me hopeful is healing, the bring back together of things, the whole-ing of things and the way that this interrupts and interferes with cycles of harm. When I feel hurt or harmed by things outside of myself or bigger than me, i can go inside myself and be present with myself— to me this is whole-ing coming back to my original nature. Nature, where everything is always right. To just be present with my experience to observe what all is happening, the history of the hurt and all. To bring it to the forefront. i believe your beautiful work is something like that Miranda, whole-ing bringing the land back to itself and people back to the land through natural materials, and through loving ways of being that then get to hold our bodies through the clothing. I feel hope from believing in myself and the many selves I have been, and the self I do not even know. When i hold my hand over my heart in meditation or in prayer or in a moment of self compassion, I feel inside there knowledge and assuredness of a future that I have not experienced in this lifetime. I remember and trust that my ancestors wouldn’t have placed me here with no or little hope of that future coming to fruition. I find hope inside myself and outside myself, in posts like this one and in your voice. Thank you 🤍

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