I have always thought of the MBS collection as interchangeable building blocks for daily wear. These are pieces that are meant to work in unison, harmonizing with your existing wardrobe and adding ease to the sacred morning routine. When contemplating the balance of our collection and my own wardrobe, I consider what I call the suitcase test: could I survive a week with just these pieces in any number of settings? I imagine what I would want to find in my luggage moments after checking into a hotel on an important trip.

The beauty of unfussy, minimalist apparel is that the person inside is always the focal point, and anything is possible with the right accessories. Flexible fits and ease of wear are also things that I relish, whether on the road or at home.

With current case numbers still keeping my more ambitious travel plans at bay, I am sharing my picks for a recent in-state road trip that was equal parts business and pleasure.



When I pack my bag, I also plan what I will wear on my travel day. I make sure the outfit I leave for my trip in is something I will want to wear again. I chose the Wrap Top & Palazzo Pant in Natural Silk Noil. Our Natural color is the undyed shade of silk, it's a warm ivory that pairs with anything. I love this top for travel because I can wear it forward or backward, styled modestly or more revealing. The Palazzo Pants are perfect because: they have pockets! Styled with a matching top it reads as an incredible jumpsuit, but it looks just as at home with a body suit and sandals.


the Wrap Top & Palazzo Pant in Silk Noil.



For an easier take on this pairing, I also included the Kusama Pant in Natural Silk Noil so I can have the same Jumpsuit effect when pairing with my Wrap Top, but with a much different silhouette.



The Bardi Duster is another piece I truly would never leave home without. For this trip, I opted for our Silk Orgranza iteration because it is still so hot in Texas. It is fashion forward and feels fancy when worn with silk, but also skews infinitely cool when paired with jeans or pants and a simple top. The bonus of packing the organza (besides the pockets) -- it is feather light and takes up no space at all.



Wearing the Bardi Duster in few of the environments my work takes me



Another trick for both my closet and my suitcase is purchasing multiple styles that I know work for me in a few different fabrics. That brings us to the Wrap Top & Palazzo Pant in Black Silk Charmeuse. These pieces feel and look incredibly luxe, a rare feat, and can mix and match with the Silk Noil version I am wearing on my travel day later in my my trip. The Wrap Top in Silk Charmeuse, the Bardi Duster in Organza and a pair of well worn Levi's? Yes, please.


the Palazzo Pant in Silk Charmeuse

The Wrap Top in Silk Charmeuse


Of course I would be entirely lost if I left home without an Everyday Top in Organic Cotton Bubble Gauze (I will pair this back with any of the Palazzo Pants the or Kusama Pant that I packed.


The Everyday Top in Organic Cotton Bubble Gauze


The same is true of our Everyday Dress in Organic Cotton Bubble Gauze. When I want to take a break from separates, it is the perfect choice. I can pair it with sandals during the day and get a little fancy with my shoes and my jewelry for evening wear.


The Everyday Dress in Organic Cotton Bubble Gauze

Miranda in her home captured by Kelly DeWitt

The Other Must Includes:


- Pajamas I love wearing & will comfortable answering the door in at a hotel or enjoying coffee if at a friend's house

- one pair of vintage Levi's

- a black and a white body suit

- 2 pairs of undies for each day of my trip (one comfy, one no-show per day) & one skin toned and one black bra

- Grecian sandals, ballet flats and a pair of low-key sneakers (if going to a cooler weather city, I'll swap out the sandals for a low heeled boot that can pair with a dress or pants)

- two pairs of statement earrings

- one workout outfit (just in case & with the caveat that I don't feel bad if it never gets worn). The bonus is, if the day calls for a casual vibe, I will wear a sports bra and bike shorts with my Everyday Top as a cover up.

- a bathing suit (I don't care if I am going to a snowy mountaintop, you never know when the opportunity to swim might arise, and I always like to prepared). The Everyday Dress is the perfect bathing suit coverup, or one of the Palazzo Pants I packed if I am making a day of being waterside.

- never missing from my toiletry case: an eye mask for jet lag, wax earplugs for thin walls, and a moisturizing facial spritz.

- finally - a good book to encourage screen free-time!

Do you have any packing secrets or hard won insights on how to build the perfect suitcase or closet? I would love to hear from you, please leave me a comment below, and bon voyage!





February 22, 2022 — Miranda Bennett

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