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You may have noticed our eternal North Star styles, the Everyday Dress & Top and the Muse Dress & Top, have been on markdown the past little while. I wanted to assuage any concerns that this might be their swan song because it is far from it. We have been engrossed in a complete overhaul of the patterns of these perennial styles to accomplish a few long dreamed of goals. First, to offer a far more inclusive size range. Second, to ensure that size range is consistent across styles (so if you are a size X in the Muse Top, you will also be that size in the Everyday Dress, Top, etc.). Finally, the aim of this shift is to ensure that the fit across our fabrics is far more consistent than it has been in the past. 

In the spirit of transparency, I don’t feel that we successfully accomplished this in our first endeavor at introducing two distinct sizes in our Everyday and Muse styles last year. Though the intention with transitioning from a one-sized collection to a sized offering was to achieve more consistency and inclusivity, it unfortunately did not turn out that way. Over the course of the past year, amidst the reduction of our team’s headcount and the myriad of challenges all of us have faced, we took a long hard look at why that had happened, and, I believe, have successfully unearthed the root causes. On the other side of that deep examination, our resolve to never see a repeat of those issues is something everyone on our tiny team feels in their bones. 

Since then, we have met with dozens of womxn over the past year to fit-test the first samples in our new sizing array. We took extensive notes, compared feedback, and implemented changes to the body and core DNA of the Everyday and Muse styles, while still preserving the original spirit of each design. Next, we called back our original models (i.e. real people from our community, including those who were rightly disappointed with the first rollout) and held another round of fit tests. At this moment, we are currently implementing the notes from those fittings. The big takeaways so far? The bodies of both designs are solid, and the consistency we (and you) have long pined for has been accomplished. The revisions this time were minor, an adjustment to an armhole here, a minor tweak to a neckline or a hemline there. 

As someone who has lived and breathed these garments since their conception in 2013 and 2014, respectively, I was so moved when it came time for my own fitting. Despite always being my own toughest critic, I had no notes on the final sample and didn’t want to take a single one of them off. What I have found so powerful throughout this entire process is that these garments now house the words and wishes of so many others rather than one singular mind. The refrain again and again in our fittings was: thank you for including me and caring about my feedback. The words of the members of our community who came in for these fittings are the wings that have given this new initiative flight. 

The first release will be the Everyday style, and currently our timeline for release is Late Spring/Early Summer of this year. Our new sizes are: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, these sizes accommodate a conventional dress size range of approximately 0 - 28/30. Even using the term ‘conventional’ in regards to sizing is flawed, because there truly is no universal standard. We are still developing the best way to address this, and are always open to feedback. After we have built inventory in these two styles, we will move on to another pair of styles from our One-Size offering and begin the same process once again until we have made our way through the entire collection.

Please leave a note in the comments box below if you feel compelled and thank you, thank you, thank you for reading all of this! I adore you, MBS adores you - you are the reason our tight knit team gets to live this dream of creating enduring, plant dyed apparel right here in Austin, TX, USA.

Big XO,


March 23, 2021 — Miranda Bennett


Olivia GB said:

I love this idea and cannot wait to see it come to light!

Matti said:

This is very thoughtful and exciting! Love MB for life!

Stephanie said:

So exciting, can’t wait to try the new sizing!

K Mouton said:

Brava!! Xoxoxo!!

Jeanelle Olson said:

Thank you, thank you for this revamp!! I’ve been a fan for ages but for the most part have been sized out of a lot of the garments. (My indigo rayon Hepburn pants, though, are one of the jewels of my closet!) I cannot WAIT to try on an Everyday Dress in the new sizes! I know how much time and work goes into a change like this, please know your labor is seen and appreciated.

Sarah McAbee said:

So grateful to you and the team and proud of your hard work on this! I’ve been so honored to play the teeniest part in the process. You’re going to make a billion trillion dollars!!!

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