I have found myself in the stiller moments imagining that it is 3 months from now, 6, maybe this same day next year. It sets into motion an array of feelings. First comfort at the thought of life as it could be: free, open, healthy, full of embraces, community, contact. Then, the pit in my stomach of how far, how long away, how uncertain. Uncertainty about the duration we must hold for, uncertainty for what awaits on the other side because obligations did not stop, only we did. 

Then there is gratitude for health and intense empathy for those working tirelessly to mend the sick, and others who themselves may not know this life any longer as a result of this crisis. I find it important to hold space for that reality to put into perspective why this is all so crucial and why staying home is so urgent.

For so long, life has seemed to move faster and faster. Events pile and compound, the aftermath seeming only to calcify under the weight of the next event, the opportunity never arising to fully process the myriad of implications each bears with it. Only time for adjusting to the outcomes. Only the time to react.

How rare to be so slow. How rare that nearly all of us, and all means y’all, the whole world over, share in a common experience, at once devastating and powerfully aligning.

I truly do not know what this will mean for my business. I do not know how we will financially survive this. Wholesale orders, produced and ready to deliver, have been cancelled. Landlords are not offering any relief. Government aid for business is nebulous and so far only offered in the form of loans (i.e., further debt) with unknown disbursement times. And what if your business was already struggling? Qualifying is unlikely, and the hobbling of this pandemic is only all the more immediate and help all the more remote. 

The only silver lining I can find - and I think silver linings are incredibly important - is that herein lies the space to reconnect with what is truly important. That will look differently for everyone, but what will look the same is that we all actually have the time now to explore that question. 

Wishing kindness, community and comfort to all of you, our community. I’m not blowing smoke when I say MBS adores you, because we do, and I do. 



March 31, 2020 — Miranda Bennett

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