Spring 20. A love letter, an offering.

2019 has provided so many opportunities for growth (arms wide, leaping), and for humbling (hands clasped, surrendering). Our Spring 20 collection is a prescient vision of rebirth.

Reimagining the textures of our collection - carrying forward the tried and true and introducing a coterie of new. Recutting our core styles to create opportunities to wear our collection with new proportions and greater size inclusivity. Refreshing our silhouettes with new styles that join our core collection.

With this collection, we offer our widest foray into new fabrics to date.

Cotton Lyocell - textural, lightweight yet durable, softly utilitarian. Made from regenerated wood pulp, Lyocell requires less energy & water than cotton.

Cupro - a whisper of ease, luxe yet practical. Made from recycled cotton

Cotton Chiffon - the gauzy poetry of silk chiffon, but with the effortlessness of cotton

Cotton Silk - a hint of sheen, a lightweight hand with a compact weave

Four Women Wear MBS Spring 20

And color! 

Jalisco, Citron, Yucatan and Isla

An ode to Earth's mysterious alchemy. Created with Wood, Root, Stalk and Fruit, these shades are of the Earth.

A revelatory glimpse at once vibrant and earthen, meant to amplify a pure and vivid declaration of color, born from her mysterious folds.



December 19, 2019 — Miranda Bennett

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