Dearest Reader,

2013 sure looked a lot different. Back then it was just me - stitching, dyeing, and packing in a 180 sq ft studio without AC in the Texas heat. Hopping on a yard sale bike, I'd trek across town to make our very first stockist deliveries. It was more than a year before I felt worthy or legitimate enough to hire my first employee (and seek out some air conditioning).

But some things never change - that scrappy, small business spirit is still and will always be the ember at the heart of our business.

This year has been the hardest to date, full of intense loss as our team contracted drastically in the face of COVID along with so many plans and so much revenue dashed. In many ways, it has brought us back to our roots, to the ground zero of why we do what we do, and who we do it for.

The fact that we are still standing is 100% because of you, our community.

So thank you.

Even if you don’t shop with us this season, please consider doing so with independent businesses. 

That decision really (truly, like seriously!!) makes all of the difference, it will keep local jobs and dreams alive and intact within your community. It will ensure that the landscape of your town remains familiar, meaningful and full of the purpose small businesses run on. 

Wishing everyone brighter days ahead and a cozy holiday season. 

Big love to you,


November 29, 2020 — Miranda Bennett

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