What is Sustainable Fashion? Everybody is talking about sustainability, and with the curiosity this buzz word peaks, it also has attracted an onslaught of greenwashing in advertising and marketing strategies. Let's be clear, sustainability is not meant to be a trend, it is actually quite the opposite. 

We take sustainable fashion very seriously at Miranda Bennett Studio, it is one of the core tenants of our company and informs not only how our clothing is made, but also, how our clothing is designed.

We create apparel items that become daily uniforms for our cult following. In doing so, we are offering an option that remedies trend or panic based shopping. We want to be the antidote to fast fashion and we want to do that by providing garments that conform to each individual's authentic style, and not the other way around.

When you have a garment you want to wear again and again, you might find that rather than engaging with an endless queue of purchases without meaning, you instead activate your reformer muscle.

You begin to consider: what is this garment made of? Who made it and in what conditions? How often will I wear this garment after this moment of initial desire? And just like that, you begin to become part of the solution. 

At Miranda Bennett Studio, when we craft garments, we consider a host of things. 

  • Ease of wear - how does it walk, move, breath? 
  • Ease of transition - can it move between different contexts within a given day?  
  • Flattery - will this garment accommodate different bodies, shapes, weight across not just the women we serve, but a single woman’s evolution in a month, year, lifetime? 

We want to offer the best answers to these questions through how our garments are designed. It is with a great deal of intention that we bring the considered garments in our collection to market.

We don't want to be a flash in the pan, we want to dress you for years to come. By doing that, we not only address sustainability through our natural dyes, our all-woman supply chain, and our local production model - we address sustainability by creating a garment that you want to wear again and again and again.

That is how MBS is sustainable by design,




February 20, 2020 — Miranda Bennett

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