Becoming an advocate for natural dyes in the fashion industry is a non-negotiable, core tenant for my brand. Advancing the use of natural dyes in commercial scale is joined by my commitment to being a Zero Waste studio, using biodegradable fabrics and basing our all woman manufacturing team in the US, where they are paid in US currency and work under US labor standards. 

Without committing to these principles, there would be no reason to add more products to an oversaturated marketplace.

We want to lead by example and, in doing so, refashion the industry.

My interest in plant dyes originated from a place of curiosity: what wonder and mystery did the natural world hold, what secret hues lay dormant in her folds?

Then there was the falling love that came with beholding the luminous & spontaneous color outcomes created with these plants.

Add to that the environmental imperative: the knowledge that synthetic dyes choke waterways across the world, that some contain carcinogens, that trend based colors end up in landfills.

As a culture, we have existed in a compartmentalized way for so long, not tracing the thread that connects product to materials, supply chain, use and disposal, or the connection between the common humanity we all share.

At Miranda Bennett Studio, I want to take a holistic approach that considers not just cost or trend, but the earth, the dignity of those individuals in the supply chain, the experience of living with and using our products, and how those products can be disposed of responsibly after thorough use.

The core tenant of my collection is that we eschew the notion of built in obsolescence by carrying forward our Core Collection of styles, season after season. That is our way of staking our values around the kind of conscious consumption that will be required for us to sustain our planet in the decades and centuries to come. We want our customers to shop in a way that is rooted in their own personal style, to turn to us for pieces that they will wear again and again, that can flow with a woman's ever evolving body with forgiveness and flattery, always prioritizing quality in construction and ease of wear.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our brand.

With gratitude & warm wishes, 



May 11, 2020 — Miranda Bennett

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