Fashion trends exist to inspire desire, and in so doing, they often pale what we already possess. 

The 'new', or really, the untold promise of the new, makes our heart race, inspiring feverish pursuit. In the digital age, that pursuit can traverse countless miles of distance instantly, ferrying us circuitously through platforms large and small -- a harried dash ruled by coveting. 

All of this simulates an illusory thrill of the hunt. An escape. We leave behind the present moment. We lose awareness of and appreciation for what we already have. We project ourselves into a future perfect. Under the spell of some yet-to-be-known golden glow, we bask in an imagined contentment.

Once the object of affection is in hand, once we possess that thing which had seemed so illusive, so near to slipping through our fingers, and shouted that what we had already was not enough, what then? Do we feel complete? Did it do the trick? 

More often than not, it seems that after a fleeting burst of euphoria, we are likely to be left with the dull empty often reserved for the hours after a carb spree. After the crescendo, mere silence. A void that, in no time at all, we will fill again.

Fashion trends are by definition, fleeting, of the moment, ephemeral. This quality makes their pursuit urgent, and their origin...unimportant. After all, why invest intentionally on something with so short a shelf life?

This is why we now consume more clothing than ever before, wearing items fewer times, and also keeping items for a shorter duration of time. This also is what empowers unethical working environments and non-sustainable materials to propagate the market. When consumer focus is on procurement at the lowest possible price point and in the least amount of time, manufacturers respond accordingly.

What if we slowed down -- cultivated instead of consumed? Imagine knowing your personal style, one that exists outside of the orbit of trend. Your vital source energy, rather than fueling a cycle of constant consumption, is reserved instead for the activities and people you love. 

When you go to your closet to get dressed, you find it filled with fewer things, all of which you love and wear often. Key pieces of clothing that speak to your soul, your life’s purpose, the unique characteristics of your form. Imagine dressing as a joy, rooted in an appreciation of what you have.

This idea that your clothing choices could nourish and enhance your lifestyle, that clothing could serve you as you pursue what matters to you: your life's work, your relationships, your relationship to self -- that is what makes me want to make clothing.

August 02, 2020 — Miranda Bennett

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