The New Year doesn’t require that you be a new person (we love you just as you are). It is, however, the start of a new cycle, and this year, the start of a new decade, too. 


Time, as a linear construct, is defied by the cyclical nature of the seasons, and as we turn around once more, let’s use this as an opportunity to 


refresh intentions, 

                     refocus energy, 

                                       reconnect with our root purpose, 

          & restore our capacity for love. 


In the spirit of renewal, enjoy this offering of white and natural garments from our collection at 20% off, in honor of the forthcoming year 2020. 


These virgin fibers, untouched by the dye vat, are an homage to the blank page this new year offers. Write it as you will, wear it with ease, with the weightlessness of a fresh start. And just for fun, we’ve sprinkled in a few dyed pieces, too. Shop now.


MBS <3’s You. Happy 2020.

December 27, 2019 — Miranda Bennett

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