There is something so beautiful about the countdown to the New Year. “Ten, Nine, Eight…”. The shared experience, all of us gazing at the horizon line at the same time, watching the dawn of this new day (year and decade), all holding the concept of a fresh start — together. Considering new intentions: Who will we be this year? What will we accomplish? What do we want to get right? What do we want to leave behind?

For so many, last year proved to be a labor, one hard-fought. Whatever your own experience of 2019, it now delivers us, bare-assed and crying, into the open arms of 2020.

As we take the first steps of a new day, a new month, a new year, a new decade - as sure-footed or trepidatious as those steps may be - we can know this: we step together. 

That togetherness is the reason MBS exists because you, dear reader, are the lifeline and the ultimate source of support. You keep the lights on.

You keep our hearts full with kind notes about how our clothing served you, how our mission touched you. You have exclaimed “this is me, these clothes are me” in our store. You have sashayed out of the fitting room, creating your own personal catwalk, because you felt so good.  You’ve taken off your wig in confidence because you felt so comfortable. You have dragged friends and loved ones through the doors of our shop to share your new-found delight in our brand.

You have taken selfies in our dressing room because for the first time you walked into a store where your body was recognized, where clothing actually fit and felt good and you saw yourself the way we see you - beautiful, worthy, welcome. You have cried in our dressing room because you’ve never had such an easy time finding clothing that made you feel so good and so like yourself. 

That is why we do it. Why I do it. And why we will keep working, pushing, trying. 

The “How” of how we make our clothing speaks to our ethics as a company, what I believe a supply chain can look like, but the “Why”, the why is you. And MBS Loves You. 

Thank you for reading, & happy new year,


January 01, 2020 — Miranda Bennett

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