Abbey, Dye Studio Manager

At Miranda Bennett Studio (MBS), we close our monthly all-team meeting with the questions: “what’s in your rearview, what are you looking forward to, and what is giving you life?”. That final question has led to the exchange of countless recipes, books, podcasts, and inspiration, including the premise of this relatively new monthly dispatch. In addition to sharing what's giving us life, this series also affords us the opportunity to shine a light on the incredible team behind the scenes at our studio, highlighting the individuals who bring our collection to life and into your hands.

Our third installment features Abbey, our Dye Studio Manager. At the studio, we love referring to Abbey as 'the Captain' for her no-nonsense approach to problem solving and nearly infallible level of discernment. She embodies the MBS commitment to sustainability by consistently seeking ways to utilize our materials to the fullest and repurposing supplies to a degree that would give MacGyver a run for his money. For this feature, Abbey shared her secrets to the best dining in Austin, how to take a balanced approach to food and so much more. So grab a cup of tea, get cozy and read along for a serious dose of inspiration as you begin your week.

MBS: What's your name, where are you from and what do you do at MBS?

AS: My name is Abbey Simpson. I'm from Houston, TX. I am the Dye Studio Manager.

MBS: You & your partner William are so good about actually making reservations and going out to all of the wonderful restaurants Austin has to offer. What's been your favorite recently and why?

AS: Haha yes, William is the booker and I am the diner. I love Qi - their truffle fried rice is a favorite. We always love Licha's before going out on Red River. Comedor has an espresso martini with sotol that I will say is the best in town.

As far as hard rez's go... Uchi. Always Uchi.

image courtesy of uchi

MBS: What are you wearing to master Austin's casual yet chic dinnertime dress code?

AS: I wear my silk noil Cassatt Dress constantly and cannot get enough of it. It is somehow casual and dramatic at the same time! My Wrap Tops and Hassinger Tops are also in heavy rotation because of their styling versatility.

I just bought myself the Twisted Glass Candlestick Holder and I'm obsessed - I have been using it for flowers. The MBS Velvet Scrunchies are such a luxe and easy gift (I have more than I can count). The MBS candles (specifically Marfa, Faroe & Nile) are all winners! I got the Bread Head puzzle for my sourdough-baking boyfriend. 

"I wear my silk noil Cassatt Dress constantly and cannot get enough of it. It is somehow casual and dramatic at the same time!"

MBS: How do you approach packing your lunch--are you a meal prepper or do you eat leftovers? What's your favorite thing to pack?

AS: Some weeks I'm meal prepping gourmet meals, other weeks I'm eating a family size bag of peanut M&M's for lunch. One day last week I made  cauliflower rice with tofu and fresh veggies for lunch and then the next day I ate a box of Girl Scout cookies as a meal. It's called balance.