Cloth Face Covering, Yucatán Silk Noil Lined in Organic Cotton

$ 12.00 $ 24.00

An item that we seldom knew we would need yet suddenly, and urgently, do.

Now that we are past the phase of novel discomfort and have had time to live and breathe with these new bedfellows, preferences are emerging, as well as practical concerns.

We need something that can be washed, will last for multiple wears, is as comfortable (as is possible) to wear, is made from materials we feel good in, and (dare to dream) speaks to our aesthetic sensibilities. Can we also have something ethically made? 

Here is our humble offering that I dearly hope will speak to all of those points and provide you with something that is a source of comfort as much as it is a functional and essential accessory.

COMPOSITION: This cloth face covering’s body made from washable, 100% Raw Silk. The benefit of selecting Silk is its naturally antimicrobial properties. The mask body is lined with 100% Organic Cotton, multi-ply bubble gauze with an insert for filters. Made in-house in Austin, TX.

CARE: Either machine wash on warm and delicate in a delicates bag or a retired pillow case or soak in a clean stainless steel pot on the stove top after first diluting your preferred laundry soap or grease fighting dish soap, simmering for approximately 20 minutes. Air dry.

Ethically Made in the USA by an all woman team using biodegradable fabrics and non-toxic, plant based dyes. 

Body: 100% Naturally Dyed Silk

Straps: 1/4" Elastic Loops

Interior Lining: 100% Organic Cotton with space for a filter 

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