Mother of God, Bolo

$ 52.00


Even the simplest acts can be infused with meaning if we allow it. Whether it's lighting a flame to conjure smoke, serving a meal to connect with others, or watering a plant to nurture growth, our lives are filled with opportunities to set intentions and shift our perspectives. 

Close your eyes. Travel inward. Open your eyes. Travel onward. 


Every day in our studio, we focus on creating objects that allow for self-guided rituals. 

For us, the creation of these objects is a practice of patience and letting go. Our goal is to stay in the beginner's mind, where unexpected lessons are learned and there is a calm sense of joy in the practice of making.

Working with clay brings us peace and fills us with gratitude, a state of being that we hope is infused into the work we create.


Mother of God ceramics are handmade in Austin, Texas

by Amanda Rivera + Diana Welch.