Plant Dye Kit : Mexican Mint Marigold

$ 36.00

Our first Plant Dye Kit is an invitation to return to an ancient medium, one that reminds us of the alchemy of nature and our undeniable connection to the earth. Dyeing your fabric with plants creates a beautiful color that is safe for the environment and connects us to cross-cultural ancestral traditions. 

About the Plant:

We began our endeavor with agriculture in 2017. We chose Mexican Mint Marigold (Tagetes lucida) after Miranda worked with the plant in Oaxaca, where it grows wild in the valleys. Both the flowers and the plant itself yield color, with results ranging from vibrant yellow to rich ochre and green (with the help of iron). Grown 20 miles east of our Austin studio through regenerative agriculture and permaculture, the Berm Swale system that our Mexican Mint Marigold crops grew upon dramatically decreased the amount of water needed to nourish the plants. Their roots also helped to prevent erosion of the berm throughout the year. This dye plant helped to restore the nutrient balance of the clay soil on the farm where it was grown, priming it for future crop rotation to edible plants, all while sequestering carbon in the soil. We cannot wait to see what new life you create with the next cycle of this magical plant!


Dried Mexican Mint Marigold Plant*

Aluminum Acetate (mordant)

Rubber bands




Large Stainless Steel Pot with Lid

Tongs/Metal Spoon

pH Neutral Detergent(ecos, Woolite, Seventh Generation)


*The amount of Mexican Mint Marigold included in this kit is enough to dye 12 oz of fabric (roughly two t-shirts or four bandanas/dish towels) a golden yellow. The more fabric you wish to dye, the lighter the shade will be. Your fabric can be old or new, just make sure it’s a natural fiber (cotton, linen, silk). If you would like to work with wool, we would recommend only doing so with skeins of yarn.