What is the difference between the "Regular Collection" and the "In-Stock Collection"?


The Regular Collection encompasses our entire collection, with the items from our Editions past and present that we are currently producing. Due to the size of our team, the hands on and labor intensive nature of our production process, the small batch nature of our natural dye methods, and our commitment to quality standards, this collection is currently made-to-order. 

The In-Stock Collection is a constantly changing catalogue of our on-hand inventory. These items are already produced and are ready to ship. You can shop this collection by viewing the In-Stock Collection page or when searching for a particular item, noting if "In-Stock" precedes the title. 

A good to know fact about the In-Stock Collection is that certain colorways, styles and fabrications that have been phased out of our Regular Collection offering can sometimes be found here.



When can I expect my order to ship?


All items from our regular collection are made to order, which means your 

textiles are cut, dyed and sewn in the window of time between your order 

being placed and your order shipping. Expect these items to ship within 

4-14 business days. If we have your item on hand, we will always ship 

that first to get your item to you as quickly as possible.


If you ordered from the In-Stock Collection, your item will ship between 

1-3 business days.



Will I receive tracking when my item ships?


Yes, all orders that ship from our studio are assigned a tracking number 

that is emailed to the buyer at the time of shipment.



I'd love to try your apparel on before purchasing online, how can I do 



Please review our Stockist Page for a full list of our current retailers. 



How should I care for my MBS garment?


Have a look at our Garment Care Page. If you have specific questions about care or stain treamtent on a dyed item, feel free to get in touch with our lead dye tech at dyer@mirandabennettstudio.com



The shade of some of your naturally dyed colorways sometimes seem to vary from product to product, why is that?


The process of naturally dyeing creates beautiful colors that almost feel alive due to their richness and the organic source material used. We have set out on the beautiful challenge of making consistent a medium that is typically known more for it's wildly varied outcomes that can be due to innumerable variables (the conditions of the soil where the tree grew, the pH of the water in the dye vat, the temperature outside, just to name a few). Though we strive for consistency in our formulas, you can expect any given color to vary within 15 - 20% from dye batch to dye batch. 



I've noticed that some fabrics have variations or areas where the color shifts within a single garment, why is that?


While we generally create uniform fields of color on our naturally dyed textiles, we allow for approximately 10 - 15% variation in a given panel of fabric as it reveals the by-hand nature of our production process. We hope you will embrace the beauty of this ancient medium and relish the knowledge that every yard of our naturally dyed fabric has passed through one of our in-house vats and the hands of our skilled dye team.



I'd love to know more about your mission and team.


Thanks for your interest in the work that we do! Take a look at our About Page.



I have one of your belted items and would love to know how to tie it / what bras would you recommend for your v-neck styles?


Take a look at our Styling Page.



What is the size range of your garments?


Take a look at our Sizing Chart.



How do I initiate a return or exchange?


Regular Collection: We cut and dye our proprietary color ways in our 

studio and sew all of our items to order in small batches with a local 

team. Due to the hands on and labor intensive nature of our production 

process, we can only permit returns from our regular collection with a 10% 

restocking fee. 


Exchanges are permitted with no restocking fee and are eligible for 100% of 

their original credit, minus the initial shipping charge (when applicable).


In-Stock Collection: All items purchased from our In-Stock collection are 

eligible for a full refund, minus shipping, except for those items purchased at 

promotional or sale pricing.


If an item does not fulfill your expectations, please notify us within 

seven days of item receipt to initiate a refund or exchange. We reserve the 

right to reject returns or exchanges if an item shows sign of wear, damage, 

odor or the request is submitted after seven days of item receipt.


Sale Items, Custom Orders and Rush Orders: All items purchased as custom 

orders or rush orders, or at promotional, sale and sample sale pricing are 

non-refundable and final sale.


Return Shipping: Returns and exchanges that meet the above guidelines can 


AUSTIN, TX 78754


Return and exchange shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Once the 

item has been received, the return or exchange will be processed within 1-4 

business days.