Hand Washing Instructions

1. Dilute a mild, pH neutral detergent in cool water (a pH of 7 is considered neutral and examples of pH neutral soaps include: ECOS, 7th Generation, Eucalan & Woolite).

2. With plant dyed garments please avoid oxy-bleach, bleach, baking soda/sodium bicarbonate based cleansers and conventional chemical stain treatments.

3. Submerge your garment in the soapy water, briefly agitating before allowing it to soak.

4. Rinse with cool water until water runs clear.

5. hang or lay flat to dry, away from direct sun.

hand washing is not required for all of our apparel, but it is a great way to prolong the life of your clothing. A pH neutral soap is recommended for all plant dyed apparel, and it is also a gentler option for black and white garment care.