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MBS Zero Waste

Established in 2016, the MBS Zero Waste initiative is a collection of actions that accomplish the mission of diverting every scrap of our textile remnants from landfills.

This endeavor is accomplished through a multi-pronged approach, that starts with the collection and organization of every ounce of the fabrics that remain from cutting our apparel collection in-house. This happens frequently, as we cut our apparel for manufacture every week of the year. 

Once these items are sorted through, they are stored by color and type. We have a full-time employee dedicated to the design and creation of the products that ultimately are made with this form of our textiles. We also work with a dedicated local production partner who stitches each item in this collection from the comfort of her own workshop. This work enables her to work from home while raising her four children.

The resulting products are a compelling array of Accessories, Kiddo Apparel, and the burgeoning MBS Home Collection.

Any textile remnants that cannot be utilized in the creation of these new products are recycled into utility rags by Austin based Josco Products or donated to the Austin Area Quilt Guild. The AAQG donates quilts to Safe Place, an Austin Shelter for battered women and children, as well as other charitable causes.

Follow the hashtag #mbszerowaste to see more.