Miranda Bennett Studio is a leader in the use of non-toxic, plant-based natural dyes, hand applied to our apparel and accessories at commercial scale right in our own, Austin-based dye facility. We utilize plant derived extracts, in both powder and liquid form, sourced via a network of sustainable suppliers, grow our own organic dyes and source zero-waste dyes that would otherwise be considered waste from other local businesses in the Austin Area.

Since our inception in 2013, all of our colors have been custom formulated in-house using plant-based dyes.

We use non-toxic, plant based dyes as an alternative to synthetic dyes, we do this in part becuase our global environment has faced extensive pollution at the hands of synthetic dyes due to their toxic and non-biodegradable nature. This pollution has detrimentally impacted waterways, soil fertility, crop production, and human health across the globe, particularly in Asia and Southeast Asia (Carvalho and Santos, 2015) - Textile Dyes: Dyeing Process and Environmental Impact


Chief among synthetic dyes that pose the greatest risks are Azo Dyes, which make up more than half of the dyes utilized in textile dyeing.


“Azo dyes, which account for 60 to 70 percent of all dyes in the industry, are responsible for setting high intensity hues, poppy reds in particular. But when broken down and metabolized, they are a known carcinogenic. And even if it seems like the color of our clothes and cancer couldn’t be less related, azo and other chemicals don’t dissipate, but evaporate into the air we breathe or are absorbed through the skin. At best, contact with dyed synthetics triggers allergic reactions, skin irritation, and rashes. At worst, it increases the risk of cancer” (LaRosse, 2017) - To Dye For: Textile Processing’s Global Impact

non-toxic, drain-safe and people-safe

Plant Based

At MBS, the seasonal colors in our collection come from non-toxic, plant based sources. We have the rare privilege of dyeing our collection in-house, under the same roof as the rest of our production and administrative team, just 8 miles down the road from our Austin Flagship Store. Plant dyes offer an opportunity to reconnect with process, avoid the use of toxic substances, source our dyes in meaningful ways, offer compelling colors unique to our collection, and connect our garments to an ancient legacy that spans cultures and centuries.

Forms of Plant Dye

Reclaimed Raw Materials

At MBS, we often dye with raw materials, such as wood shavings, fresh and dehydrated plants, avocado pits and skins, and more. The use of raw materials is of benefit particularly when we are working with Zero Waste dye stuff. Zero Waste dyes are the byproduct of local businesses, materials that hold natural dye properties, but were not originally intended for use as a dye, from places like sawmills and restaurants. The local aquistion of these dyes reduces our carbon footprint by avoiding shipping.

Sustainable, Plant Based Extracts

We utilize plant derived extracts, in both powder and liquid form, sourced via a network of sustainable suppliers. These extracts are composed entirely of non-toxic, plant derived source material, delivered in a more refined, easy to dilute form. Extracts are beneficial particularly when utilizing dye stuff that would otherwise require extensive processing to prepare for the dye bath.

Regenerative Cultivation

We have locally grown close to 2,000 pounds of certififed organically grown whole plants within the Texas Hillcountry. The plants we cultivate for use in our dye practice abide by Permaculture, a philosophy of working with the existing features of a property to model a farm after a natural ecosystem. These dyes help to nourish otherwise untenable soil, priming it for furture crop rotation to fruits and vegetables, all the while sequestering carbon. The locally grown origin of these dyes also reduces our carbon footprint by avoiding shipping.

Formulating Color

We develop bespoke colors every season, testing extensively for wearability, washability, light fastness and stability, to acheive the perfect, limited edition palette for our small batch apparel and accessory runs.

Made within Austin City Limits

We cut, dye & sew our collection in house in Austin.