At Miranda Bennett Studio,
we believe in putting people and planet first.

Based in Austin, USA, Miranda Bennett Studio is a sustainable apparel & accessories brand, founded in 2013.

Through perennial styles, plant based and regenerative dyes, biodegradable and organic fabrics, zero waste design and circularity, we are working towards refashioning the industry, one garment at a time.

Using biodegradable fabrics and only organic cotton, we design, dye, cut & sew our collection in-house within Austin city limits, reducing our carbon emissions and ensuring fair & safe working conditions & benefits for our team, every step of the way.

It Starts with Design

We believe in versatile, perennial designs that can be worn again and again, year after year, in innumerable ways and for just about any occasion.

Letting go of trends and dialing in to your own personal style is the first step towards a truly sustainable wardrobe. The fit of our clothing is intentionally easy, flexible and comfort forward to promote long-term wear.

Our Process

Non-Toxic Color

We create the colors in our collection with plant derived, non-toxic dyes - think roots, wood, fruits, seeds and more. Using plant dyes ensures we that we are keeping chemicals out of waterways and off of our bodies. We are honored to participate in the rich legacy of natural dyes, pioneering their use at scale in the USA.

To source our dyes, we have organically grown plants locally without the use of pesticides, sourced byproducts from other industries that we collect, utilize, then divert from landfills, and purchase sustainably harvested plant materials that we source from a global network of suppliers. 

Zero Waste Design

We design to minimize waste, and divert 100% of the fabric remnants left behind after cutting our apparel from landfills. Our Zero Waste category features goods designed and sewn exclusively with our textile scraps and plant-dye exhaust.

We also offer our textile remnants to our community through our Boro Bags, and consider them an invitation to collaborate and create alongside us.

All fabric remnants that cannot be utilized in our own design practice are recycled with a local textile recycler.

Textile & Garment Recycling

Since 2017, we have offered a garment take-back program for garment end-of life where our customers can send back their MBS apparel in any condition to be repurposed or recycled, ensuring our apparel stays out of landfills. We repurpose or recycle the textiles from any apparel that are no longer suitable for wear.

No Plastics or Microplastics

We avoid the use of plastics in our textiles and packaging and work only with naturally derived, biodegradable fiber. Not using petroleum based textiles also ensures that we do not contribute irretrievable microplastics to our waterways.

We are woman founded and independently operated.

Every item we produce passes through the thoughtful hands of each member of our small, Austin based team before reaching our customers.

A Community Collaboration

Our brand comes to life through you, our community. The versatility of our garments is meant to invoke your unique perspective on styling. Our hashtag #mbsinthewild invites you to share how you live with your MBS, invigorating our team and inspiring other members of our community along the way. Our Boro Bags are an invitation to apply your own creativity towards our textiles. Caring for your MBS garments at home with our Garment Care Guide is a meaningful act of collaboration that ensures your MBS pieces will be the future heirlooms they are meant to be.

We are so grateful that you are here.