From start to finish, our garments work toward lower impacts.


We make styles designed to last, spanning the ever changing seasons and our own ever changing sizes. 

Our garments have deceptively simple silhouettes that can be worn many ways and are designed to flatter your shape as it is, both now and in the years to come. We eschew the norms of fast fashion by offering a core collection of styles year after year, enhancing the longevity of each piece. You can read more about our sustainability-focused design philosophy here.

Our garments are made from natural fibers, never petroleum-based. 

Plant-based fibers from renewable sources are biodegradable, feel better against our skin and keep waterways cleaner from microplastic pollution. We are excited to share our new initiative to transition to purchasing all of our cotton from organic agriculture sources by the end of 2021. In the coming years, we look forward to developing all of our own textiles directly with fabric mills. Due to our current size and purchasing power, we currently procure our textiles from third party agents that source our fabrics from a global network of suppliers including Italy, Japan, China and the United States. 

The colors in our collection are naturally dyed in our Austin studio.

Advancing the use of plant dyes at commercial scale is the heart of what we do. Unlike conventional dyes that pollute waterways on a global scale and cause harm to workers and residents alike, our natural dyes are drain-safe and people-safe. To source our natural dyes, we employ a combination of: cultivating our own dye plants locally; using the raw byproducts of other industries, from sawmills to food suppliers; purchasing via third party brokers who ethically and sustainably source natural dyes through a global network of cultivators. Our black fabrics are the only items in our collection that are conventionally dyed. We partner with a US-based facility using low impact dye for the majority of our black fabrics; learn more here. 

We keep our textile waste in good hands by repurposing it, recycling it, and passing it along. 

We use some of our scraps ourselves, and others are donated to local Austin organizations for reuse. We have diverted 100% of our textile waste from landfill since the launch of the MBS Zero Waste Initiative in 2016.

Our small team of 12 cuts, sews, and ships every garment from our home base in Austin.

Our team members are paid a living wage in U.S. currency under U.S. labor standards. Our localized production model minimizes shipping emissions; once our fabric arrives at our production space, it doesn’t travel out of Austin again until it ships to you.

Orders are mailed to your door in packaging made from 100% recycled content.

Our packaging materials are recyclable too, but instead we hope you’ll reuse them the next time you send a package of our own.

We take full responsibility for our clothes. 

When you’re ready to let go of your Miranda Bennett Studio piece, you can send it back to us as part of our #TheFutureIsCircular program in exchange for 20% off your next purchase. We’ll take care of the rest.

Sustainable apparel is a team effort.

We’re so grateful to you for being part of ours. When you purchase a Miranda Bennett Studio garment, you’re investing in our efforts to refashion the industry with people and plants at the forefront. Thank you.

We invite you to join us in continuing to minimize the environmental impact of your garment once it’s in your closet by reusing and recycling our packaging; taking care to mend, hand-wash, and air-dry your piece (our Garment Care guide will walk you through our recommendations); and sending it back to us once you’re ready to part with it.