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Our Story

"A designer's greatest tool is empathy. We must be able to consider the experience of those who engage with our products as consumers - how this product will feel, flatter and last. Equally important, are the experiences of those who engage with our products in the supply chain, and the impact of that product on our earth. Something is only great when it can speak to a consideration of experience on all of these fronts - from creation, to use, and disposal." - Miranda Bennett


MIRANDA BENNETT STUDIO is a collection of modern, plant-dyed apparel made in the USA. Our apparel is dyed, cut, sewn and shipped within a 9-mile radius in Austin, Texas. We manufacture our apparel exclusively with Open Arms, a social enterprise of the Multicultural Refugee Coalition (MRC). Open Arms is a locally based sustainable apparel manufacturer, empowering refugees through fair-wage employment.  

Our Aesthetic

The MBS design ethos is based on thoughtful simplicity. Coveted for a combination of versatility, style, luminous color and ease, our apparel is celebrated for making the woman inside the focal point. Each collection is designed to mix and match seamlessly with our previously released styles and limited edition color ways, creating elevated building blocks for everyday wear.

Plant Dye Practice

Our dyes are created with plant-derived materials, including extracts of various wood varieties, pomegranate rind and natural indigo. We are now transitioning to a sourcing initiative to utilize Zero Waste dyestuff by seeking out natural dyes that are the byproduct of other industries, such as saw-dust from central Texas grown and milled wood and avocado pits and skins from local food suppliers.  This dyestuff is composted after exhaustive use. 


In 2018, we began an agricultural partnership rooted in permaculture and the nutritional restoration of the land with New Leaf. New Leaf is a social enterprise of the Multicultural Refugee Coalition (MRC), creating jobs in agriculture for Austin's refugee population.  Our first crop of organically cultivated Mexican Mint Marigold, a dye plant, was harvested in October of '18. We are also cultivating a host of dye plants for future seasons, from Pomegranate to Madder Root, Weld, and Hopi Sunflower.

​ It is our wish that the dyestuff tinting the seasonal hues of our collection will be representative of the ecology of the Texas Hill Country that we call home, and will have as minimal an impact on our environment as possible.

Zero Waste

Established in 2016, the MBS Zero Waste initiative is a collection of actions that accomplish the mission of diverting every scrap of our textile remnants from landfills. This endeavor is accomplished through a multi-pronged approach, that starts with the collection and organization of every ounce of the fabrics that remain from cutting our apparel collection in-house. This happens frequently, as we cut our apparel for manufacture every week of the year. Learn more here.