Miranda Bennett Studio is an ethical & sustainable apparel brand based in Austin, TX, USA.

We are honored to participate in the rich legacy of plant dyeing, pioneering its use at scale in the USA. We formulate & dye our collection at our Austin Studio, keeping chemicals out of waterways and off of our bodies.
We design, dye, cut & sew our collection in-house within Austin city limits, reducing our carbon emissions and ensuring fair & safe working conditions & benefits for our team, every step of the way.  

We create the colors in our collection with plant derived dyes - think roots, wood, fruits, seeds and more - and divert 100% or our textile waste from landfills. 


Our considered apparel is Zero Waste and sustainable by design, prioritizing style, versatility, and comfort.

We are a female-founded and independently owned.

A core tenant for our brand is that every woman -- from those on our team to our end customers, to mother earth -- are treated with dignity. We pay fair wages in US currency, and offer competitive benefits across our in-house team. Our manufacturing occurs in-house and on-site, this means that we can ensure our staff work under safe conditions, monitored by US labor standards.

We dye our textiles with plants that are non-toxic and safe for our waterways. Some of our plant dyes, we grow ourselves without the use of pesticides, others are byproducts from other industries that we divert from landfills, others still are sustainably harvested plant materials sourced globally. 

Our black fabrics are the only items in our collection that are conventionally dyed. We partner with a US-based facility in California using low impact conventional dye for the majority of our black fabrics; learn more here. 

Our fabrics all come from plant-derived sources and are biodegradable.

100% or our textile waste is kept out of landfills and our garment take-back program offers customers a no-waste option for disposing of our apparel at the end of its life cycle. 

We aim to offer apparel, accessories and products for the home that honor beauty. We offer truly versatile, well-made items that feel exquisite to live with and wear.

MBS is proud to have been acknowledged by Vogue, The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and numerous other globally syndicated publications. We are prouder still to have become the brand of choice for woman across the globe seeking a sustainable apparel option that allows them to shine no matter how the seasons or their bodies change with time.

Visit us in person at our Austin Storefront. 


Read the MBS Journal for notes from our founder and other updates on our work.